About Us

Re-Cards.com be love and inspirashun fum de 70s, inspirin’ insults today.

Slap mah fro. Right On! Po’n Staches, Star Wars, Gremlins, Tie-Dyes, ‘Sup, dudeppie Chicks, Free Love, VW Beetles, Abba, Bell Bottoms, Pimps wid Style, Disco, Rolla’ Skates, Hairy Bushes and mo’e.

What it is, Mama. Right On!.. It’s time t’brin’ back dat boogie and teach dis generashun how t’be groovy. Slap mah fro. Right On! Send some Re-Card today t’someone ya’ love, wants’ t’love, o’ wants’ t’cry.

Greetin’ Cards are puh’fect fo’ de Office, Home, School, Holidays, Special Events, o’ Just A’cuz. Our Doo’ Hanga’ line be puh’fect fo’ everyone who be gettin’ deir groove on, and be hip enough t’let everyone know it.

Have fun, go full Re-Card